Publish your resume with a stylish and responsive Bootstrap layout using Dokku

Posted by bpc on March 14, 2023

As I started searching for my next job, I wanted a way to quickly and easily publish my updated resume. I have been using Dokku to deploy and manage Ruby on Rails applications on a Digital Ocean droplet and wanted to use the same workflow. I discovered dokku-static-site and first used it to create a quick landing page with the included template.

Another quick search yielded startbootstrap-resume, a stylish and responsive resume template. Check out their live preview.

The template was easy to edit and customize, and the Dokku workflow makes publishing updates a breeze. I am quite happy with the final result.

Check out dokku-resume on Github!

P.S. Because I also needed a blog, I created dokku-static-blog. You can find it on Github as well!